Black Americans

Diamond and Silk

Diamond and Silk unload on Joe Biden over his 'You Ain't Black' comment.

These social media personalities, with an impressive 1.4M Twitter followers, have a lot to say about former Vice President Joe Biden after the 'you ain't black' comments he made during an interview with "The Breakfast Club".

Ethiopian Woman Prays for President Trump

On Oct 5, 2019, at the Young Black Leadership Summit in the White House, a young Ethiopian Woman surprised the room when she offered and impromptu prayer for President Trump asking "America to Look Back to Jesus."

Rapper's 'MAGA Challenge'

Triad rapper's 'MAGA Challenge' catches President’s attention, offers chance to meet Trump at White House.

My Vision About the 2020 Election

God recently gave me a vision concerning the #2020election which explains how He will grade Christians especially, on how we #vote on matters that pertain to the TRUE Gospel, #marriage, #family, #abortion, and #Israel. God help us all! James Ward is Pastor of INSIGHT Church which meets in Skokie, IL on Sundays at 9:30am, and Hoffman Estates, Illinois on Thursdays at 7:15pm.

Illegal Immigration

Black people are frustrated with liberal policies. These Blacks say sanctuary cities are racist and that illegal immigration hurts the black community. Prominent figures like Kanye West and Diamond and Silk are coming out in support of the president. Are Black Americans shifting back to the Republican party?

Democrats are the Real Racists

Diamond and Silk expose the Left in a new documentary called 'Dummycrats' they discuss the film.

Joe Biden's History of Racial Comments

Joe Biden has history of controversial racial comments, During a radio interview to those having a hard time ‘figuring out’ whether to support him or Trump ‘ain't black;’ South Carolina Senator Tim Scott reacts

Black Conservatives

Black Trump supporters outside of the White House. An oral history of the American Black Conservative.

Prayer for President Trump

Pastors James and Sharon Ward pray for and speaks with President Donald Trump, Attorney General Bill Barr, and others in Kenosha at the Presidential Roundtable.

Black Comedians

Rather than punishing their users making death threats, Facebook suspended conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams's account. Now he speaks out.

Powerful Message

Trump supporters leave big tip, powerful message for D.C. waitress. Away from the podiums and protests that amplify Americans' political differences, in quieter moments people can still politely disagree and be kind to one another. Chip Reid reports.


Preschool "twins" take a stand against discrimination. Miami preschoolers Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland say they are not just best friends. In fact, Jia and Zuri truly believe they're twins. They're just 4 years old, but grown-ups could learn a lot from them. Steve Hartman reports, On The Road.

5-Year-Old Boys

A 5-year-old boy’s haircut to look like his friend goes viral, CBS Miami’s Eliott Rodriguez reports.

Cops Cry Too

Cop sobs in the arms of stranger who brought him food after fellow Iowa officers die. A police officer mourning the loss of two colleagues shot to death in the line of duty is seen crying in the arms of a stranger. A woman kindly brought water and food to comfort the cop stationed in her neighborhood. Two officers from the Des Moines, Iowa area were gunned down in what investigators are calling an ambush.

Widow Eats with Strangers

A widow who was invited to eat with strangers said: "I think God sent me there." For barbecue lovers, Brad’s Bar-B-Que in Oxford, Alabama, is heaven on Earth. But 80-year-old Eleanor Baker said her visit here earlier this month was especially divine.