Young Black Conservatives

In October of 2018, hundreds of young conservatives of color met up in Washington, DC, for the first ever Young Black Leadership Summit: a four-day conference that featured speeches from conservative actress Stacey Dash and firebrand Candace Owens, a trip to the White House to hear Trump speak, and a rare chance for young, black Republicans to get together and network.

San Diego County Republican Party

Candace Owens speaks to crowd of over 2,000 at a San Diego County Republican Party event.

Candice Owens Speaks at 2020 CPAC

Conservative activist Candice Owens was one of the featured speakers at the 2020 CPAC convention taking place in suburban Washington, D.C.

Owens has often spoke out on issued of race in America, often sharply criticizing liberals for their views on the topic. She spent two years working with Turning Point USA.

Democrat Laws Negatively Impact Minorities

Candace Owens: Democrat Laws Negatively Impact Minorities

Candace Owens Full

Candace Owens speaks at a Center of the American Experiment lunch forum on May 8, 2018.

Black Conservatives

Conservatives of Color

Conservatives of Color Smash the Fake News Narrative at Candace Owens' #BLEXIT LA.